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«Birth of the World»: Concord Orchestra

«Birth of the World»: Concord Orchestra: Photo

The world's first dancing symphony orchestra CONCORD ORCHESTRA presents a new rock show "The Birth of the World".

The most beautiful melodies were composed in remote parts of the world. They were performed by ear, passing from one person to another, from family to family, from generation to generation. The CONCORD ORCHESTRA symphony orchestra presents a new rock show "The Birth of the World". We invite you to make a journey in which the grandeur and beauty of musical creations will open before you. You will be presented with the powerful sound of instruments in the hands of professional musicians: the richness of violins, the harsh sounds of violas, the charm of cellos, the power of brass, the rock and roll drive of guitars and drums. The energy of rock music becomes even more explosive!

Music unites us. Each nation has its own musical language, expressing its feelings and thoughts. This language is understandable to everyone without translation. We offer to make a trip where you can get acquainted with the culture, customs, traditions and music of different peoples. In the new rock show "The Birth of the World" each song is dedicated to a separate country. The works involve different manners of performing world music using national instruments. Unique video installations representing each country - from sunrise and nature to industrial and architectural landscapes. Indian temples and the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon and the endless taiga, pyramids and fjords. All this will become a living interactive decoration for the compositions of the show.

Musicians of CONCORD ORCHESTRA will act as messengers of the Universe. They will come together from the four corners of the world to unite, travel the world and find the most beautiful melody. This melody will become the embodiment of harmony and the source for the birth of a new world. Music will be the very fifth element that closes the chain and contributes to the creation, and in our case, the birth of the world.

More than a million viewers have already visited previous programs. Hundreds of thousands of rave reviews and comments on social networks: A unique orchestra creating a new show format! Delight, bright emotions and drive!

The CONCORD ORCHESTRA consists of professional musicians who have graduated from well-known conservatories and famous music academies in Russia and Europe. An exceptional feature of the orchestra is the combination of music and dance into a single space. Spectators of the interactive rock show will become its direct participants - any person in the hall will be able to vote in real time on the orchestra's website concordorchestra.ru and influence the final of the rock show. Today the fate of the world depends on you. Make your choice and come to the rock show "Birth of the World" CONCORD ORCHESTRA.


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